Eventful day of development

March 29, 2005

This an old status update on my web-based game Engineering Faith.

Events are now functioning well, among a number of other things. Places of Worship are running way better than they were with my last post, and a number of game infrastructure things have been improved. With exams coming up, I had a burning need to get some good, satisfying game programming out of the way.

I thing Faith’s events system is going to turn out well. In Asylum, you can either see all events, or clear all events completely. This is annoying for users who only want to keep select events, instead wading through a big mess. It’s also annoying for me since the server load of everybody loading every darn event each time they enter a game is just plain dumb. In Faith, events auto-disappear after a week or two, but if you want to save an event, you can just “pin” it so it won’t disappear. Also, each event will have a “magnitude”, meaning you can see “major events”, or maybe only “massive events”, or if you’re patient, “every sneeze or gust of wind”.

Places of Worship and regions (managed on the same page) got a nice taste of javascript today. I’m actually enjoying javascript programming now that I’m working in Firefox and am a lot older and wiser than when I first tried it out years ago. Basically it allows me to do interface things that let me show a lot of stuff on the page at once without being overwhelming AND without requiring a full page reload whenever you want to see a bit more info. It looks like it’ll be good for everyone - except maybe people using old, lame, browsers. You’ve been warned, Guy Who’s Using Netscape 4.

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