Hurricane honours Faith

November 18, 2005

This an old status update on my web-based game Engineering Faith.

This storm altered time.

The World Meteorological Organization has named Hurricane Beta, just hours after Engineering Faith’s entrance into Beta. “We are pleased to honour Engineering Faith’s amazing accomplishment,” said a spokesperson rumoured to represent the World Meteorological Organization.

While some may ask how they could spare an entire hurricane’s name for the Beta, experts are quick to explain. “This storm will get little media attention due to only poor countries lying in its path,” explained one researcher. “Additionally, there have been approximately a crapload of storms this year, so they actually ran out of person names.”

Why exactly there have been so many hurricanes this year (more than any year in recorded history) is completely unknown. While hurricanes are caused by warm water, and warm water is more common now due to global warning, there is reportedly no connection. “Correlation does not mean causation,” sternly warned one oil industry expert. “It is possible the hurricanes and global warming are both caused by a third variable, such as the devil, or bleeding heart liberals.”

Faith’s Beta has been a major acheivement for Altering Time, and a new player is being invited every other day. However, there are many players who have not yet been invited, which is causing some frustration. Some theorize that Hurricane Beta was not a random act of nature, but actually caused by the combined angst of everybody waiting to play the game. “how do I get an invitation? … I can beat Allen at RISK any day out of the week Why can’t I have an invitation?” demanded one confused site member.

As with any situation, however, there are some skeptics. “There’s no way they named a hurricane after Altering Time,” claimed one such character. “The storm before it was Alpha, do you think that’s just some sort of coincidence?!” When informed that Tropical Storm Alpha was likely referring to the Alpha state of Engineering Faith at that time, the skeptic became very agitated. “It’s a web-based game nobody’s even heard of for god’s sake! I bet Allen started Beta on the 26th just for that reason.” When informed Beta actually started briefly before the storm was named, the skeptic stormed out.

The author of this article does not believe in coincidences.

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