Trying to keep faith

June 7, 2005

This an old status update on my web-based game Engineering Faith.

Things have been moving really fast in my work and personal lives, and slow here on Altering Time. While some of the tricks I’m working on at work are sure to make their way into Faith, both my home and work locations are moving (coincidentally) at the end of the month, eating up my free time.

Faith has been slow this month, since I became discouraged with it a couple weeks ago. I was implementing Holy Wars, and realized that my whole Regions system was going to make the feature way more complicated than I’d intended. I’d wanted for you to basically be able to launch a war without having to worry much about the where or how, and see the results. However, since you and your enemy have followers with different properties in different regions, I have to take that into account, spread losses between different regions, probably have an interface for which regions attack and are attacked, which means I probably should show you other information about those regions, and so on.

This sent me into a whole thought pattern of wondering if Regions were worth all the work, and how much they really added to the game. Then I got into wondering if the way I’d done Regions was even the right way, and if instead of having 4 regions there should be an arbitrary number (maybe 1 region for every 10 players in the game.) Confusion, dismay, and destitution ensued.

Anyway, Chris, one of my 3 current testers, will have internet once again when we move on the 1st, so he’ll resume his Faith-bashing rants. I get more productive when people in real life talk to me about the game.

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