10 Days until Mac OS X 10.5

October 16, 2007

Apple has posted an extensive list of 300 new features in Leopard. The most interesting things on it that I didn’t know from previous announcements or WWDC 2006:

Automatic Stop and Resume Never skip a beat. If your Time Machine backup is interrupted — because you took your portable on the road or put your Mac to sleep — Time Machine will simply stop backing up. When you reconnect to your backup drive again, TIme Machine automatically picks up where it left off.

AutoFS Automatically mount and dismount network filesystems on separate threads to improve responsiveness and reliability.

Live Partition Resizing in Disk Utility You may be able to gain disk space without losing data. If a volume is running out of space, simply delete the volume that comes after it on the disk and move the volume’s end point into the freed space.

New AirPort Menu Get a clearer picture of your surrounding Secure networks in the AirPort menu, Secure wireless networks are identified by a lock icon.

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