Welcome to Antipode

October 12, 2007

The new design.After five years of writing on the web and a year of doing it in a traditional weblog format, I’ve spun this blog off from Altering Time into its own site. Specifically, antipode.ca is now home for my writings, personal info, and more. Altering Time lives on as before, but able to focus on being a site where the community forges the content and direction. I have a redesign and some new features in mind for over there. This is great news for both sites, which now have a clear purpose in life.

Antipode will move ahead from where Altering Log left off. The subject matter and writing style ((I’ve now added support for doubly-linked footnotes, which should keep me from getting into excessively-nested parentheses. Inspired by John Gruber.)) will continue to evolve. A new addition will be links - that is, I’ll post links to thinks I find interesting or important, even if I don’t have an article to write about them.

One big advantage the new site has is that comments and blog trackbacks are now open. Before, comments were routed through the Altering Time Forums, which made sense as the blog was part of Altering Time, but severely limited the number of people who would comment on the posts. Back at Altering Time, a news blog will be the home of site-specific updates, such as Faith progress ((This, of course, will have the comments through the Forums there.)). The new design is a lot classier than the old one. I took advantage of features that Internet Explorer 6 doesn’t support - more on this later. Overall, I think it turned out great.

So, what do you all think?

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