Textmate 2: "I'm not dead yet!"

November 27, 2008

It’s odd how something that seems like a perfect piece of software will start to aggravate you if it goes stale for long enough. I would be thrilled with a Textmate 1.6 that fixes a few bugs ((Multi-file search and replace bugs, especially. Argh.)), since it’s still a capable editor. So, two years after 1.5 is released, I go hunting for news:

There is no ETA, and I won’t speak about timing before I am certain I can provide an (alpha/beta) release within the next month… So put TM 2.0 up there with Duke Nukem Forever and be positively surprised the day it is released :)

Uh oh. I smell Second System effectPeter Haza’s reports from the TextMate IRC channel earlier this year confirm it, listing many new features and saying it’s a complete rewrite. Hopefully Allan Odgaard doesn’t feel like Textmate 2 needs to be featureful enough to justify the wait, or the wait could never end.

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