Speaking and Podcasts

I enjoy teaching and telling stories, especially around software design and development. I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to do so at a couple dozen conferences and podcasts over the years. If you run a conference or podcast and would like to chat, get in touch.

A slide from a talk I gave in 2017 at Microsoft.


I often speak on the same topics that I write about. Here are some examples:

  • Product and project management for quality, including communication, iteration, and what it takes to drive great UX.
  • Mobile app design and development, especially topics around UI and product strategy.
  • Lessons learned from shipping products, including the various products I’ve led over the years, and the many dozens of products we’ve shipped for clients.
  • Engineering leadership, including building and engaging a product team, technical decision-making, and leading for quality.
  • Running a business, especially a software business.
  • Personal stories that inform, whether they’re heavy or light.

Also, on occasion, I’ll MC a conference or show.


Here are three example videos of talks I’ve given:

A Workflow for Directing Attention, for Learn OmniFocus

Competing with Art, at CocoaLove in Philadelphia

Native.js, at JSConf EU in Berlin


I enjoy guesting on podcasts – they’re most of the fun of giving a talk, with a lot less work. Here are some shows I’ve been on:

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