The oddly placed wet floor sign

August 5, 2003

The oddest thing happened yesterday. Chris and I were at a local park eating Subway when we saw what looked to be a “Caution Wet Floor” sign in the nearby waterpark.

The waterpark at Parkside

Finding this odd, Chris grabbed my camera from my car and we went to take a look. Believe it or not, there it was.

Very odd.

Not only was it a Caution Wet Floor sign, but there was no explainable reason for how it got there. There were no obvious footprints, nor any sign of how long it had been there.

Can you believe this?

The sign was obviously inert, as one would expect a sign to be. It was in good condition, and didn’t look to have been through a struggle or a night at the hands of drunken teens.

How illogical.

Although we were tempted to take the sign into custody for further examination (and proof of our find), we figured the pictures would be enough, and we aren’t the type to take something that isn’t ours (even if it really doesn’t belong there).

I guess we'll let it be...

We left the park, and the sign, wondering many things. How did the sign get there? Does somebody own it? How long had it been there? Did someone have a motive for placing it there? Is there any sort of conspiracy going on? All these questions and more, will surely go unanswered.

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