Alpha Test: Round 3

June 13, 2005

This an old status update on my web-based game Engineering Faith.

This weekend I had some epiphanies, and was very productive on Faith. I started with a total reorganization of how the database works, which will make work a lot easier in the future. I went on to implement multiple games and game over states, which were pretty easy after those changes.

I got Holy Wars working, albeit in a very simple fashion that will need many levels of refinement. It’s a start though! One cool thing is that it actually takes into account how much your people like the opponent you’ve proposed, and how much they’re willing to fight back.

Science now has a number of technological effects, such as the invention of firearms, printing presses, and such. Unlike other games, not all of these effects are good for you! Some technologies might make your followers more disorderly or make them more skeptical of your traditions.

I’ve also made a whole host of other fixes and improvements. Now that the 2nd alpha game has reached its 2000th year, I figured it was time for a restart and declared it over, starting a new game. While the game is still extremely rough (there isn’t even a normal way for the game to end yet!) it makes me happy to make progress like this. Right now I only have two other people in the game, but will be adding a third and maybe a fourth for this next round. Should be interesting!

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