First endgame nears

July 18, 2005

This an old status update on my web-based game Engineering Faith.

Places of Worship is now reassembled, and working all right. It’s going to need some polish and rethinking over time, but it’s a pretty decent system I think. I’d still like to provide more customization options for your places of worship (currently you have name, size, location, focus, awesomeness, and age.)

I recently made it so games can end, and one of the games that was running is approaching endgame. It’s neck and neck between myself (with 12000 followers) and Elephant Man (with 80000). I think I might lose.

I think I’ll soon be working on the Holy Wars system - I wanted to attack him with my gold stockpile, but the current system is very meager. I don’t want a whole war strategy system (Faith isn’t about war really) but I would like to get some sensible calculations in there for damage and such, maybe give you a couple different types of wars.

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