One thumb up

July 6, 2005

This an old status update on my web-based game Engineering Faith.

Of the two new testers added to the game, one thinks it’s fun and the other thinks it’s quite rough. In reality, both are right. It’s fun for the first couple days because you can feel the potential, but there’s still quite a few things missing that Asylum had. Examples:

  • Humour
  • Bidding on something
  • Interaction with players
  • Teaming up
  • Intuitive interfaces

While those things are planned, they’re a bit lower on the list than some of the core game mechanics I’m still completing. For example I added a new feature last week called Social Programs that allows you to do things like keep your people healthy and such.

Also, the game can now actually end! This happens at a certain (predefined) level of scientific progress. You’ll be able to influence how long a game lasts by encouraging or discouraging science among your people.

Somebody asked about a paragraph-style description of your Faith. This is aready in the game, though somewhat simple. Mine right now says: “Faithism II is a movement with 10,375 followers that is difficult to follow. Corruption is a small problem, and followers are growing slowly. Other religions are neutral towards them, and their most recent technological advance is Firearms.”

Our move went well, and we should have proper internet tomorrow. My first task, I think, will be implementing my redesign of the Places of Worship page. Should be good.

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