Things to do, places to worship

March 19, 2005 • 1 min read

This an old status update on my web-based game Engineering Faith.

The last two weeks have been pretty good for Faith development. Primarily my time has been going into the “Places of Worship” page. This is where you build temples, send missions to other regions of the world, and deal with other regional issues. It’s actually quite an undertaking, since Engineering Faith actually takes place in a 2D space, as opposed to Political Asylum’s lumping of all politicians into one big area.

Right now the game has four continents, and depending on certain factors, you’ll end up on one when you start. Once your faith gets large, you can send missions to other continents, allowing you to have followers in other areas. It adds some interesting dynamics to the game.

Places of Worship are mostly working now as well. You can build big temples, small ones, lavish ones, modest ones, intimidating ones, cozy ones… it’s not bad. The annoying thing is, I won’t know how many of these game mechanics I’m setting up will need to be rewritten, until I’m closer to being done. In Political Asylum, I actually had a half dozen different systems for Advisors before the current system came into place. Each time somebody found an abusable flaw that made the entire thing unbalanced. Oh well - such is game development!

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