New Weblog Format

July 31, 2006

I have consolidated the news log here on Altering Time from various locations around the site (Faith page, Features section, Forum posts in Announcements) to one centralized place: here. Why have ten places you need to check to see what’s going on?

With the new location, I have also adopted a broader mission: to write about things more regularly and on a wider variety of topics. I will endeavor to write interesting and/or entertaining entries on topics I know something about. Not just things I know about, but things I imagine you might also give a crap about - that means nothing about how boring my bus ride was today or how much it sucks to do homework. Man, it sure does suck to do homework, doesn’t it? Especially if it’s math or something, and you really don’t care, and you just wish you were doing something more interesting, like riding on the bus or something. Where was I?

At first my main topics will be as usual: my projects. This will be your central source for news about Altering Time, Engineering Faith, Budgetable, and other things I don’t have time for but somehow make time for anyway (naturally through the alteration process this site is named after). I will categorize posts as I go, so you can read just one category if you so choose. Except for the “terrible things that happened to Paris Hilton today” category, which cannot be turned off. More to come - including a better design for this page.

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