What won't happen at WWDC 2006

August 1, 2006

Banner from WWDC 2004.Next week I’m going to be at Apple’s Worldwide Developers’ Conference, partially thanks to a scholarship from Apple, and partially thanks to work. If you’re going to be there, drop me a line!

WWDC is one of the two yearly events where Steve Jobs gets on stage and announces all sorts of new crap that us Apple fanboys just have to buy. Beforehand, everybody posts their predections about what they think will be announced at these conferences, but that’s passé. It’s now time for my predictions: what we won’t see at the Developers’ Conference, contrary to what some are saying.

  1. New iPods with cameras or radios or any other fluff on them. Why announce new iPods at a programmers’ conference? Why add a crappy camera you don’t need to your iPod when your cell phone already has one?

  2. Macs that come with Windows installed on them. If Apple were to sell those, then they would have to support Windows, which is about as unpleasant as being beaten with a sack of five-button mice.

  3. A Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) ship date after Windows Vista’s. That’s not to say Windows Vista even has a ship date, but that’s not a big deal, it’s only a few years late.

  4. A demo of Microsoft’s upcoming Zune product.

  5. An iPod Class on Virgin Atlantic flights. Actually, this one’s pretty realistic.

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