Alterations delivered to your doorstep

November 15, 2007

A dedicated Altering Time news blog is now live! Here you will find updates and thoughts on Altering Time, Faith, the Forums, and other site features. For those who have been watching, it took a few steps to get here:

  • 2002: Sarcastic News blog launched

  • 2004: Engineering Faith news blog launched

  • 2006: General (mostly tech) commentary blog launched, merged with Faith blog

  • October 2007: Commentary blog merged with old Sarcastic News and spun off into Antipode.

  • November 2007: Altering Time finally gets a dedicate site news blog, restored with old Faith news

Before, some Altering Log readers would be bored/annoyed when I went on about non-AT topics, and some would be bored/annoyed when I went on about AT. Now I’m free to go on about my AT-related dreams! Topics I’d like to cover here soon include the Forum upgrade to phpBB3, when is Faith going to be finished, and a site redesign I have in mind. Stay tuned.

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