Apache can do your speling for you

May 19, 2007

Google corrects me.The best web server on the planet, Apache, has a module that will try to resolve URLs that were misspelled. All Apache modules are mod_something, so looking for more information on it, I searched Google for “mod_spelling”. The fact that Google could correct me made me laugh my ass off. This is a wonderful testament to how their distributed intelligence method of solving problems can be more effective than the boring dictionary-based approaches of the past. Without Google’s wizardry, instead of chuckling at Apache’s sense of humour, I’d be scratching my head at a lame list of results.

This can have practical applications too. For example, if I ever need to know how to spell the Governator’s last name, I just type a random sequence of characters that look sort of like his name into Google, and it will ask if I meant the right spelling. It can correct spellings it’s never even seen before! Well, I’m just assuming nobody’s ever searched for scwharzennegarra before. You never know.

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