CSS3 Borders still mired

September 30, 2008

My favourite CSS3 module, Backgrounds and Borders, published a new working draft this month. The working group’s new issue tracker says there are only a few open issues left. Ostensibly that’s good, but like many I’m getting cynical about the CSS3 spec. The first Backgrounds and Borders working draft was released in 2001. As in, the year the Sega Dreamcast was discontinued. Sigh.

Gecko and Webkit have been implementing these CSS3 features as they’re able from the working drafts, helping to form the spec. Unfortunately, Microsoft has refused to play ball until the spec is finalized. Meaning, until those responsible ((The editors are Bert Bos and Elika Etemad. If you know them, feel free to give them a poke.)) get this out the door, millions of man hours will still be spent making rounded corner images and semantically meaningless wrapper divs.

Yes, 2001 as in the year Napster was shut down. I’m not joking.

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