Blogger impersonation rampant

November 10, 2009

An artist's impression of what a fake blogger would look like.Last week I dreamt of one day inspiring a Fake Allen Pike blog. Hours later, my dream became reality:

It’s exciting to see what people will do with access to some of Google’s thick-client Javascript tools.

I was briefly suspicious that the above was copy-pasted from Antipode, but it is actually clever fakery. Not nearly as sarcastic as the Friedisms site was, but still fun. I was unprepared for what struck next - Fake Fake Allen Pike:


Sarcastic, demented, and more or less how my writing looks before I edit it. Meanwhile, the real Curtis Lassam discovered he had an impersonator as well:

I’d accuse him of being the fake, but his site is… well, better at being me than I am. So I suspect that I am likely the fake.

Can anybody discern the identities behind these impostors? It’s tough when the fake writers are more convincing when the real ones.

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