iWork.com launches

January 13, 2009

On Tuesday we ((As always, my comments about Apple are unofficial.)) launched the beta of iWork.com, a feature of the new iWork ‘09 that lets you publish your documents to the web for people to comment on. A lot of the big tech blogs totally misinterpreted iWork.com as a Google Docs style replacement for the desktop apps, which led to a lot of confused (and even angry) press. Not only does iWork.com have none of the features that Google Docs has, Google Docs has none of the features iWork.com has.

Now that people are grokking what it is, though, reviews have been positive. I had fun and learned a lot working on something new, using technologies I can probably post about more openly now that everybody knows we’re using them. Plus it’s a thrill to have thousands of people discussing and using a product I worked on.


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