SproutCore spreads its wings

July 1, 2010 • 1 min read

Charles Jolley, creator and lead developer of the SproutCore JavaScript framework, has left Apple to found his own company:

Now that I am no longer held back by big-company legal restrictions, I am going to be much more involved with the platform. Very soon I will post some new example code. Some others are working on new documentation and build tools to ease that pain as well. Starting this fall, my new company will also start to offer online and in person training and mentoring courses to your team get up to speed quickly. We can also finally get started on that book.

This is exactly what SproutCore needed. It’s great that Apple is using it and putting resources into it, but being restricted from promoting your open source product is painful. There’ll still be teams at Apple using it, and now there’ll be a group that’s willing and able to spread it.

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