Link: Setting Two Spies Free

July 14, 2022 • 1 min read

An update on a beloved side project:

In 2019, we launched Two Spies as a little side project with cosmetic-only monetization. It exceeded our wildest dreams, with 800,000 folks trying the game, and rating it more than 4.7 stars on average.

Still kind of hard to believe this little game got as far as it did!

Recently the CEO of Unity was quoted calling game developers who don’t consider monetization early on “fucking idiots”. While that may be going a bit far, tackling monetization late in the process had the expected outcome for Two Spies:

Inspired by our fans, we’ve since made 24 updates to the game, making various additions that we hoped would make it sustainable to keep working on: online matchmaking, ranks, player stats, various new pins, a Season Pass system, and a ton of little improvements to help players learn and enjoy the game. All together these helped grow the game, but never resulted in the kind of revenue that could keep a live service game going indefinitely.

More details in the post on what should be the last big update to the game.

Working on Two Spies was a fun adventure and we all learned a ton. I’m not sure what the next side project will be, but I feel a lot of love for the many players who supported us during this one.

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