Announcing WeddingDJ

September 7, 2010

Steam Clock Software’s first app is now live on the app store: WeddingDJ. WeddingDJ solves the tricky and dangerous issues that can come up when you run a wedding’s music using an iPod ((Except for having a bad taste in music. This version doesn’t solve that, but we have some ideas there.)). We help plan things out, fade everything in and out gracefully, and make sure an MC or other recruit can run the music for your ceremonies reliably.

As our first iPhone app, we learned a lot during WeddingDJ’s two-month development cycle. For example, did you know that if you provide rounded corners on your app’s store icon, you can get black fringing around its edges? ((I’ve submitted a 1.0.1 that fixes this. The funny thing is, I fixed the black fringing issue on the device, I just didn’t realize it would happen on the app store until it went live.)) It’s been a hell of a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to more.

Although the code and design was a two-person effort, a lot of others helped make shipping this possible. Our usability and beta testers helped immensely, especially Frank, Stephanie, and Joel. Thanks to Dave for the great icon design. Extra thanks to our families, especially Karen and Patricia, for believing in us ((They didn’t just believe in us. They proofread, promoted, usability tested, bug tested, kid wrangled, and did everything else they could to make us succeed.)).

So check out the app and let us know what you think, whether by reviews on the App Store, emails, or comments here. If you’d like to write a review, contact me and I can hook you up with a review code.


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